3 Things That You Need to Consider Before Selling Your Home

Here are 3 things that you need to do before selling your home!

The following 3 points are recommended to read prior to listing your home as they will make your process easier and more efficient while trying to attain the highest price possible.

  1. Curb Appeal


The first thing a buyer looks at when viewing a home is the curb appeal if it’s a detached home. The exterior can give off a halo effect: a smile walking in the home that starts off the showing on a positive note. With such a competitive market, everything matters. Take a walk outside your home and look at it from a buyers view. Is the front yard dirty? Is the house in dire need of paint? Is the swing set you bought 15 years ago affecting the appeal of the home? Make sure everything is removed in the front, including your garden hose which should be wrapped tightly onto the side of your home. A small investment such as repainting your door or changing your lock can go a long way.


  1. Declutter


Once a buyer walks into your home, they envision as if they’re walking into their own home. The more items they see, the more clutter they see and therefore the smaller the space may seem. Your goal is to make the space as big as possible, and therefore, you need to remove anything that may make hinder the appearance. This includes all personal belongings and may even include some key furniture. You may perhaps have 2 huge sofas in the living room, if this is the case, you might want to take one and store it in the garage. Colour is also very important. Don’t be afraid to invest in some flowers and bright lights, it makes a difference, especially if the home is lacking natural light.



  1. One Box a Day


If you hire a good realtor, they’ll keep you in touch with the selling process. As their marketing program launches, the chances of your home being sold grows substantially, so it’s best to start packing slowly. Instead of packing everything on the move-out date and spending countless hours on a single day trying to get everything done, all you need to do is pack a single box every day. Try to spend about 30 minutes every day packing a box and storing it in your garage or storage. After 30 days, you’ll have most of your items packed and if your home sells all you need to do is pack your essentials and you’ll move without any stress since everything is almost done.



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