8 Easy Curb Appeal DIY’s!

8 Easy Curb Appeal DIY’s!

The following are easy curb appeal DIY’s that will allow you to enhance the look of your home and even increase the amount of traffic to your home when you plan to sell.


  1. Paint the front door and trim.


As a buyer walking up to your home, the first thing they may touch is your front door. Make sure that it is updated and perhaps freshly painted. This can definitely add some brightness to your home and make it look a lot newer with simple paint. Be sure to properly prepare all surface of the door prior to painting to ensure that your results are long lasting.


  1. Change the door numbers


Especially on older homes, most things start to deteriorate and a lot of people don’t necessarily bother paying attention to the small details. Changing the door numbers enhances the look of your home and makes it look even newer even though it’s a small detail.


  1. Take care of your yard


Make sure that the yard is very well-maintained. Ensure that you keep your lawn cut and fertilized as well as choosing specific plants that will fit with the type of home you have.


  1. Replace exterior lighting


When buying new exterior light fixtures for your home, consider the type/style of the home you have and the function of the lights that you plan on purchasing. Ensure that they are able to light up your entryway to make it more appealing and safer. A simple example are path lights from The Home Depot which can be easily places on your walkway toward your front door.


  1. Upgrade your mailbox


Depending on your mailbox, some can look very old and it may be one of the first things a buyer sees. A simple upgrade won’t cost much and will definitely enhance the look of your curb.


  1. Fix up your driveway


Pressure washing your driveway is both inexpensive and efficient. Also, removing any items that may make the driveway look smaller is always a good idea too, such as a hose, hockey nets etc. The less items, the better.


  1. Fix the railings


Not only is it a safety feature, but its also very important for your curb appeal. Installing new railings, or fixing the older ones will make them look neat and tidy.


  1. Replace the doormat


Doormats can only last a few years and if you have them for longer they can start to look old and smell. A new doormat, with similar colours to your home will definitely be an added value.


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